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Filmografia su Giovanna d'Arco


(Saint Joan)

1957, regia di Otto Ludwig Preminger


Scheda: NazioneUSA - ProduzioneUnited Artists, Wheel Productions - DistribuzioneDear Playtime - Soggetto: Graham Greene (dal dramma di George Bernard Shaw) - SceneggiaturaGraham Greene - Fotografia: Georges Périnal - Montaggio: Helga Cranston - Costumi: John McCorry - Musiche: Mischa Spoliansky - Formato: B.N. - Durata: 110'.

Cast: Jean Seberg, Richard Widmark, John Gielgud, Richard Todd, Anton Walbrook, Felix Aylmer, Archie Duncan, Harry Andrews, Finlay Currie, Margot Grahame, Barry Jones, Francis De Wolff, Victor Maddern, Bernard Miles, David Oxley, Patrick Barr, Sydney Bromley, Kenneth Haigh, David Langton, David Hemmings.



Trama e commenti: «Giovanna d'Arco, la pulzella d'Orleans, appare in sogno a re Carlo VII di Francia e rievoca la sua vita di guerriera e di martire. ... Il produttore-regista raccolse il fior fiore dell'intelligenza europea... L'operazione non riuscì: è un film senza stile né spirito. Paradossalmente l'unico vero suo interesse è la scelta della diciassettenne J. Seberg, ragazzina dell'Iowa, priva di qualsiasi esperienza, che i critici...».

Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - «After a talent hunt which sifted through 18,000 applicants and took director Preminger to more than 20 cities, the final choice for the plum role in Shaw's classic was Jean Seberg, a young Iowa lass whose only acting experience had been in amateur productions. As soon as this film was released, Seberg was roasted by almost everyone who saw her inexperienced attempts at the famed dialog. Shaw's play was somewhat anticlerical, and it was a surprise when Greene, an ardent converted Catholic, was chosen to adapt the work for the screen. The picture begins with a portion of the play's epilog and goes back in time by flashback. It's France in the 15th Century, and the country is divided and ruled by Britons and Burgundians. Seberg is a teenager from the country who comes to the palace of Widmark carrying a letter of introduction from Duncan, a captain in the service. It is said that Seberg has...».

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