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HIGHLANDEr (serie tv)

1992-1999, vari registi



Scheda: Nazione: Canada-Francia - ProduzioneBrent-Karl Clackson, Ken Gord, Nicolas Clermont - SoggettoGregory Widen - SceneggiaturaBeatrice Mthouret, David Tynan, Fabrice Ziolkowski, Guy Mullaly, Sophia Decroisette - FotografiaManuel Teran - MontaggioDonald Paonessa, Rick Martin - MusicaFreddie Mercury, Roger Bellon - Effetti specialiRory Cutler - Formato: Color.  

Cast: Adrian Paul, Philip Akin, Jim Byrnes, Elizabeth Gracen, Lisa Howard, Stan Kirsch, Werner Stocker, Alexandra Vandernoot, Peter Wingfield, Amanda Wyss, Paul Johansson, Patricia Gage.


Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - ...With the 1992-97 television series (the first season of which makes its way to DVD this month by way of the genre-fan's best friend, Anchor Bay, in a handsome nine-disc set featuring all 22 episodes of the first year's run), Highlander reveals itself to be a premise that's endlessly reductive, displaying the same weaknesses as the "V" television series in relation to the magnificent bastard fromage of the first V mini-series: lower budget, excrescent effects work, confused performance, and the restrictions of a looser narrative arc....

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