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Il Medioevo fiabesco di Cenerentola


1955, regia di Fritz Genschow



Scheda: Nazione: Germania Ovest - Produzione: Fritz Genschow Films - Distribuzione: Childhood Productions, G.G.-Film, GoodTimes Home Video, Republic Pictures Home Video - Soggetto: dalla favola dei Fratelli Grimm e da quella di Charles Perrault - Sceneggiatura: Fritz Genschow, Renée Stobrawa - Fotografia: Gerhard Huttula - Montaggio: Albert Baumeister - Art Direction: Waldemar Volkmer - Costumi: Waldemar Volkmer - Musiche: Richard Stauch - Formato: Color - Durata: 72' (82').

Cast: Rita-Maria Nowotny, Renée Stobrawa, Änne Bruck, Renate Fischer, Fritz Genschow, Rüdiger Lichti, Werner Stock, Herbert Weissbach, Joachim Rödel, Gisela Schauroth, Maria Axt, Jugendchor der Hochschule für Musik, Erika Petrick, Anni Marle, Ali Wonka, Regine Birkner, Henning Schlüter.




Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - - - - «In a faraway kingdom, a beautiful young girl, Margaret, lives with her mean stepmother and two spoiled stepsisters. The Prince of the kingdom throws a ball to find a wife. Margaret wants to attend, but her family thinks her too ugly and stupid, calling her a mere "Cinderella". A Good Fairy, however, intervenes, and provides Margaret with the means to attend the Prince's Ball. The Prince, of course, is enthralled upon meeting Margaret, for she is the only woman in the kingdom who possesses the spiritual bounty of inner beauty. Margaret runs away from the Prince before he can announce his intentions, however; she leaves behind only her slipper. The Prince searches the kingdom for the tiny foot which fits the slipper; some women even go so far as to mutilate their big feet to try and fool the Prince. The Prince eventually finds Margaret, and asks her to be his "Cinderella." A big wedding follows, and the fairy tale couple live happily ever after».


Conosciuto anche con il titolo: Cinderella.



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