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Barbara the Fair with the Silken Hair

(Varvara-krasa, dlinnaya kosa)

1969, regia di Aleksandr Rou


Scheda: Nazione: URSS - Produzione: Gorky Film Studios - Distribuzione: Gorky Film - Soggetto: Mikhail Chuprin, Aleksandr Rou - Sceneggiatura: Mikhail Chuprin, Aleksandr Rou - Fotografia: Dmitri Surensky - Musiche: Arkadi Filippenko - Formato: Color - Durata: 85'.

Cast: Tatyana Klyuyeva, Mikhail Pugovkin, Georgi Millyar,Anatoli Kubatsky, Lidiya Korolyova, Andrei Katyshev, Sergei Nikolayev, Varvara Popova, Aleksandr Khvylya, Boris Sichkin, Valentina Ananyina, Vera Petrova, Anastasiya Zuyeva, Vera Altajskaya.




Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - - - - - - - «Once upon a time there lived a Tsar named Yeremey who went on a year-long journey to take inventory of all he owned. One day he is kidnapped by the underwater Tsar Chudo-Yudo. When a ransom is demanded, the Tsar's family is faced with all kinds of intrigue and treachery. Full of remarkable adventures, magical changes and other fun, Barbara the Fair with the Silken Hair is a wonderful fairy-tale movie. The movie is neither too fast, nor slow. It has a very nice way of conveying a sense of mistery. Excellent actors. Barbara is a beatifull and good-natured daughter of an old and ugly-looking ruler of the underworld , chudo-yudo ("a freak of nature" is a close direct translation, though in Russian it has somewhat positive connotation). Chudo-yudo wants to find a worthy suitor for his daughter and he looks for one among the princes of the underworld, who are mostly some sort of "freaks of nature" like him. Barbara, however, dreams of a normal ordinary guy from the real world above. Of course, one day she meets one, who gets into the misterious underworld by mistake».

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Conosciuto anche con i titoli: Barbara, la belle à la longue; Kaunis prinsessa; The Fair Varvara; Die Schöne Warwara.



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