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Shakespeare al cinema: drammi e tragedie - Filmografia su Giovanna d'Arco

Henry VI

1965, regia di John Barton, Peter Hall

Janet Suzman

Scheda: Nazione: GB - Produzione: Royal Shakespeare Company - Distribuzione: British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) - Soggetto:  dall'Enrico VI di William Shakespeare - Sceneggiatura: John Barton - Costumi: John Bury - Musiche: Guy Woolfenden - Formato: B.N., film tv - Durata: 60'.

Cast: David Warner, Peggy Ashcroft, Donald Sinden, Philip Brack, Janet Suzman, Donald Burton, Peter Forbes-Robertson, Peter Gale, Peter Geddis, Sheila Grant, Stephen Hancock, Paul Hardwick, Charles Kay, Brewster Mason, Rhys McConnochie, Gareth Morgan, Clive Morton, John Normington, Colette O'Neil, Nicholas Selby, William Squire, Hugh Sullivan, Charles Thomas.


Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - ...In the mid-1960s, the Henry VI and Richard III plays were turned into the three-part Royal Shakespeare Company stage adaptation The Wars of the Roses, which the BBC broadcast in 1965... Although Peter Hall's production was highly regarded as a piece of theatre, with David Warner in particular singled out for his interpretation of Henry VI, John Barton's adaptation made extensive changes to the original text, not only cutting it by roughly half but also adding some 1,400 lines of his own devising to patch up the resulting holes....


Episodio 1 della prima stagione della miniserie tv: War of the Roses, in onda in GB l'8 aprile 1965. Janet Suzman Giovanna d'Arco.



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