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Filmografia su Giovanna d'Arco

History Makers: Joan of Arc - France's Call for Arms

1996, regia di Jeremy Freeston


Scheda: Nazione: Canada - Soggetto: da cronache medievali - Sceneggiatura: Hilary Pooler - Formato: Color, documentario - Durata: 45'.

Cast: Catherine Sage.

Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: - - - - - This video is a Canadian production that chronicles the life of French military leader and heroine Joan of Arc. Written by Hilary Pooler, the film features a reenactment of Joan of Arc's life, with Catherine Sage playing the title role. Joan of Arc lived during the 100 Years War between France and England. Directed by the voice of her divine conscience, she organized and led a resistance army that defeated the British at Orleans, in 1429. Charles VII, who owed his crown to her, later betrayed her and had her sold to the British. She was tried for heresy and sorcery, and burned at the stake in Rouen in 1430. She was canonized by the Catholic Church in 1920 (Rose of Sharon Winter).


Catherine Sage Giovanna d'Arco.



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