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In the Palace of the King

1923, regia di Emmett J. Flynn



Scheda: Nazione: USA - Produzione: Goldwyn Pictures Corporation - Distribuzione: Goldwyn-Cosmopolitan Distributing Corporation - Soggetto: dal romanzo In the Palace of the King: A Love Story of Old Madrid di Francis Marion Crawford - Adattamento e sceneggiatura: June Mathis - Fotografia: Lucien N. Andriot - Formato: B.N., muto - Durata: 90' (78').

Cast: Blanche Sweet, Edmund Lowe, Sam De Grasse, Hobart Bosworth, Pauline Starke, William V. Mong, Aileen Pringle, Ena Gregory, Bruce Sterling, Lucien Littlefield, Charles Clary, Harvey Clark, Tom Bates, H.N. Clugston, Charles Gorham, Jack Pitcairn, David Kirby, Charles Newton.


Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - allmovie.comThis film is based on the novel by F. Marion Crawford, and involves the court of King Philip II of Spain. Philip is jealous of his powerful and popular brother, Don John (Edmund Lowe), so he sends him to fight in the Moors, hoping that he will not return. John leaves behind the woman he loves, Dolores Mendoza (Blance Sweet). Dolores' father, General Mendoza (Hobart Bosworth), believes that John is playing with his daughter's heart and disapproves of the match. John returns victorious from the Moors and continues to push his suit. Meanwhile, Princess Eboli, the king's favorite (Aileen Pringle), is in charge of a plot to depose Philip and put John on the throne. The two royal brothers have a heated argument, and Philip leaves John for dead. To save the king, Mendoza claims responsibility. But Dolores knows the truth and threatens to tell all unless the king pardons her father. The king agrees, and when it turns out that John has only been wounded, Philip also consents to his wedding to Dolores (Janiss Garza).



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