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2003, regia di Thomas Nöla


Scheda: Nazione: USA - Soggetto: Melissey W. Wright (Melissey Castevet), Thomas Nöla - Sceneggiatura: Melissey W. Wright (Melissey Castevet), Thomas Nöla - Fotografia: Thomas Nöla, Geb Powers - Musiche: Thomas Nöla - Formato: Color-B.N. - Durata: 120'.

Cast: Thomas Nöla, Melissey Castevet, Stevie Craig, Kerry Davis, Lucas Geraigery, Marty Martel, Gina Napolitan, Geb Powers, Tony Primavera, Dustin Rooney, E. Michael Witz.


Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - «Who is Jack? What does he know? Who knows what Jack knows? Who knows where Jack is? Who knows? Certainly not the unhero in Thomas Nöla's screen debut. Jack stands as a strange movie about epic, undefinable things set in a technicolor "real" world and the vast, dastardly black & white one deep inside a striped box. Appearances by characters such as the curiously musical Mintrel Von Mirror (Stavo Innerspace Mustang Craft), the prophetic Hoodman (Geb Powers) and the perplexingly perverse Park Bench Man (Dave Martel of Pete & Pete and Scrubs fame) bring the story down a twisting spiral of fear. Anchored by musical numbers (performed by Castevet, Craft and Nöla) along its Moog-heavy creep-out score, Jack remains a tiny movie about infinitely large things».

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Gina Napolitan č Giovanna d'Arco.




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