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1989, regia di Sergiu Nicolaescu



Scheda: Nazione: Romania - Produzione: Petre Constantin, Gelu Patrauceanu, Ion Tiberiu - Sceneggiatura: Titus Popovici - Fotografia: Nicolae Girardi, Alexandru Groza - Montaggio: Maria Neagu - Scenografia: Stefan Antonescu - Costumi: Gabriela Nicolaescu - Musiche: Adrian Enescu - Effetti speciali: Petre Constantin, Gelu Patrauceanu, Ion Tiberiu - Formato: Color - Durata: 137' (70').

Cast: Sergiu Nicolaescu, Serban Ionescu, Adrian Pintea, Vlad Nemes, Ion Besoiu, Ion Ritiu, George Alexandru, Ioana Pavelescu, Manuela Harabor, Colea Rautu, Traian Costea, Vladimir Gaitan, Corneliu Gîrbea, Papil Panduru, Stefan Velniciuc, Vasile Albinet.







Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - - - - «The action takes place around year 1393, when the Ottoman Empire was seeking to conquer the whole know world. On their route to Rome, only one small, insignificant country (on their opinion) is trying to resist : Roumanian Principate of Valahia. This country have a great man: the King Mircea the Old. He has fought for decades all the invaders, including the ottomans, and has allways succeeded to keep his country independent. But now he is very old and the enemy is very strong. His greatest task is to pass the Proud Heritage of the Freedom to his sons, nephews and to all the romanians who live in his country. For this, he must win the ultimate battle which will decide the future of the country: Free Men or Slaves Forever!».


Conosciuto anche con i titoli: Proud Heritage; Kreuzritter 7. Schlacht um die Ehre.




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