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1 Nomination, Leo Awards: Best Production Design in a Feature Length Drama

I cavalieri di Bloodsteel

(Knights of Bloodsteel

2009, regia di Philip Spink


Scheda: Nazione: USA-Canada - Produzione: Reunion Pictures, Dragonsteel Films - Distribuzione: Rhi Entertainment - Soggetto: Sam Egan - Sceneggiatura: Sam Egan - Fotografia: David Moxness - Montaggio: Charles Robichaud - Art Direction: Rick Whitfield - Scenografia: Peter Andringa - Set Decoration: Bobbi Allyn - Costumi: Allisa Swanson - Musiche: Jim Guttridge - Effetti speciali: David Barkes, Robert Habros - Formato: Color, miniserie tv in 4 parti - Durata complessiva: 240'.

Cast: David James Elliott, Michael Heltay, Natassia Malthe, Christopher Jacot, Christopher Lloyd, Dru Viergever, Peter Bryant, Mark Gibbon, Mackenzie Gray, Heather Doerksen, Adrian Hough, Gwynyth Walsh, Julian Christopher, Gardiner Millar, Deanna Milligan, Brenna O'Brien, Ian A. Wallace, Leela Savasta, Robin T. Rose, Stefany Mathias, Matt Shaw, Byron Lawson, Antony Holland.






Trama e commenti: - - - - «...È una miniserie statunitense e canadese del genere fantastico con Natassia Malthe, Christopher Jacot e Dru Viergever. Nella lontana terra di Mirabilis, il signore della guerra Dragon Eye ha scatenato le sue forze terrificanti per dare la caccia alla fonte di tutto il potere, un metallo di sangue leggendario. Con la libertà in bilico, un gruppo di cavalieri si imbarca in una pericolosa missione per combattere contro gli assassini, i draghi e i soldati di Dragon Eye e per salvare il loro mondo dalle grinfie del male una volta per tutte. La miniserie, diretta da Philip Spink su una sceneggiatura di Sam Egan, fu prodotta da Reunion Pictures e Dragonsteel Films e girata a Vancouver in California. La miniserie fu trasmessa negli Stati Uniti dal 19 al 20 aprile 2009 con il titolo Knights of Bloodsteel sulla rete televisiva Syfy».

Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - - - - «A made for TV mini-series from the fine folks at RHI Entertainment, Knights Of The Bloodsteel really is a pretty ballsy rip off of The Lord Of The Rings. It doesn’t even try to hide that fact, a face made all the more obvious not just by the image used on the cover art on the DVD release, but on the title font as well. Make no bones about it, the marketing department behind this one is hoping your grandmother will get confused and buy it thinking it’s one of those Hobbit movies that the funny, chubby bearded guy from New Zealand made. As the copy on the back of the packaging states, ‘An Epic Battle For World Domination Has Begun.’ There’s a little more to it than that, however. Set in the mystical magical unheard of world of Mirabillis, an evil warlord named Dragon Eye wants to get his hands on a magical ring, erm, no make that a crucible. He wants to get his hands on a crucible. At any rate, Dragon Eye amasses an army of no-goodniks to go out and get it for him, as once he gets it he’ll have absolute power over all in the land. Unfortunately for Dragon Eye, the crucible is in the hands of a rag-tag group of amiable and noble warriors made up of an assassin named John (top billed David James Elliott, a hot elf chick named Perfidia (Natissa Malthe doing her best Liv Tyler), a tough but magically inclined goblin named Ber-lak (Dru Viergever), and a roguish thief type guy named Adric (Christopher Jacot). These guys and girls will do everything in their power to make sure that Dragon Eye doesn’t get the object of his affections, even though it will mean crossing many dangerous lands and fighting many dangerous (and magical) enemies. Lucky for them they’ve got a wizard leader guy in the form of the oddly named Tessalink (Christopher Lloyd) who is far more wise and powerful than his humble appearance and pointy Spock ears would have you believe. Oh and there’s a magical element native to this land called Bloodsteel that grants those who bear it special super magic powers. Take pretty much every fantasy movie cliché you can think of from films like the Lord Of The Rings trilogy ...» (Ian Jane).

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