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Inside the Vatican

1993, regia di John McGreevy


Scheda: Nazione: Canada - Produzione: Jennifer Puncher - Distribuzione: Channel Four Video - Sceneggiatura: Gary Michael Dault, Peter Ustinov - Fotografia: Ben Matilainen - Musiche: Glenn Morley - Formato: B.N e Color, documentario, miniserie tv in 6 puntate - Durata: 50' ogni puntata.

Cast: Peter Ustinov, Jacques Godin (Carlomagno), Carlo Croccolo (papa Gregorio Magno), Flavio Bucci (Girolamo Savonarola), Remo Remotti (papa Giulio II), Franco Diogene, Charles Burns.


Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - - «Sir Peter Ustinov hosts this magnificent and riveting four-volume collection exploring the grandeur, the glory, and the power of the Vatican. Filmed on location from Europe and Asia Minor to the hidden recesses of Rome's Vatican City, it's an unprecedented examination of the fabled independent state whose inner workings remain shrouded in secrecy. Inside the Vatican highlights the priceless treasures, the masterpieces of art, the legendary historical figures and the scandalous intrigues that have come to define the Vatican's legacy. Here is the story of the emergence of Christianity, the birth of the Papacy, and the religious beliefs that transformed history. Inside the Vatican is an unforgettable chronicle of Cardinals and Kings, martyrs, and miracles, and of a faith that continues to inspire untold millions around the world».






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