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Karl der Grosse

2013, regia di Gabriele Wengler



Scheda: Nazione: Germania - Produzione: Taglicht Media, Pre TV - Distribuzione: Arte, Alive Vertrieb und Marketing, Viasat History - Sceneggiatura: Robert Krause, Gabriele Wengler, Sandra Papadopoulos, Christoph Weber - Musiche: Nikolaus Wisiak, Matthias Jahner, Andreas Schäfer - Effetti speciali: Holger Neuhäuser - Formato: Color, miniserie tv (3 episodi) - Durata complessiva: 156'.

Cast: Alexander Wüst, Peter Matic, Regina Fritsch, Alma Hasun, Thomas Morris, Martin Bermoser, Erich Altenkopf, Daniel Doujenis, Rainer Frieb, Johannes Gaan, Ronald Kuste, Bernhard Majcen, Paul Matic, Peter Raffalt, Yohanna Schwertfeger, Andreas Kosek, Stefan Rager, Tobias Meister, Marlene Del Bello, Lucas Arthur Englander, Thomas Anton.








Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - - «This 2 hours drama doc tears open the veil of myths and half-truths obscuring the frankish ruler. In recent years a younger generation of researchers has uncovered exciting new evidence that sheds a different light on Charlemagne. Beyond the legends of Charlemagne lies an intriguing biography worthy to tell. By both, factual accuracy and dramatic storytelling, the film investigates the new image of Charlemagne. Thus, an emperor becomes visible who truly existed - a ruler of flesh and blood, sin and faith. A man who became the founding father of Europe». «Charlemagne recounts the dramatic, violent and bawdy life of the most important emperor in the Middle Ages, featuring elaborate battle scenes with hundreds of extras, and excursions into the emperor’s most private life. The most powerful man in Europe at the time carved out an empire which comprised almost all of modern Europe, and his legacy remains with us today. Using the very latest in modern research techniques, the film combines vivid live action with cutting-edge CGI and interviews with prominent Charlemagne experts to bring this scintillating warrior king to life. Charlemagne, who died 1200 years ago on Jan 1st, 2014, is portrayed as a man of flesh and blood for the first time».


Conosciuto anche con il titolo: Charlemagne.

[Carlomagno padre dell'Europa: uno stereotipo sempre più alimentato da cinema e tv]




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