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Shakespeare al cinema: Macbeth


1961, regia di Paul Almond


Scheda: Nazione: Canada - Produzione: CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) - Distribuzione: CBC Television, TGG Direct - Soggettodall'omonima tragedia di William Shakespeare - Adattamento: Paul Almond - Formato: B.N., film tv - Durata: 85'.

Cast: Sean Connery, Zoe Caldwell, William Needle, Ted Follows, Robin Gammell, Sharon Acker, Bernard Behrens, Ray Bellew, Natalia Butko, Eric Christmas, Lawrence Dane, Gillie Fenwick, Rex Hagon, Max Helpmann, Jacqueline Ivings, Hedley Mattingly, Victoria Mitchell, Peter Needham, Jay Shannon, Powys Thomas, Peter Tully.

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Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - «After receiving a prophecy from three mysterious witches (Victoria Mitchell, Natalia Bulko, and Jacqueline Ivings) that he will become the King of Scotland, Scottish army general Macbeth (Sean Connery) is driven by his emasculating wife Lady Macbeth (Zoe Caldwell) into murdering the said King Duncan (Powys Thomas) in order to fulfill the prophecy and take the thrown. Once becoming King, however, Macbeth becomes obsessed with the second of the witches’ prophecies that may hold the key to his downfall and he is soon consumed by his own ambition. Analysis: Mere words cannot even come close to detailing the brilliance of William Shakespeare’s incomparable theatrical masterwork The Tragedy of Macbeth (reportedly completed anywhere from 1603-1607), a genuinely monumental work of art that truly defines the term “immortal.” Analyzed and dissected for centuries in educational and collegiate setting, the play’s themes of ambition and self-destruction, masculinity and feminism, social order and violence, and witchcraft and evil have inspired millions of term papers and thesis – and there is still an endless supply of motifs and arguments to fuel a million more theory pieces even today. More than just being endlessly quoted, analyzed, and parodied, the character of Macbeth and his Lady, betrayed companion Banquo, Macduff the Thane of Fife, the three witches and all the others have become archetypal characters who have been recycled and reused somewhere in most works of fiction since. Putting aside its incomparable impact and legacy (which is probably impossible), The Tragedy of Macbeth remains flawless entertainment because it very simply is a fantastic story that is wonderfully and complexly told. ...».




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