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VampireSex: il soft e l'hard


2001, regia di Andrea Lucci


Scheda: Nazione: Italia - Produzione: Show Time - Distribuzione: JTC, XY-Pictures - Soggetto: Duane Martinez, Sam Louis Johnson - Sceneggiatura: Duane Martinez, Sam Louis Johnson - Fotografia: Andy Lights, Johnny Favourite - Musiche: Simonetta Horror Project - Formato: Color - Durata: 120' (150').

Cast: Kyra Lamberti, Alex Shark, Sandra Slovenska, Erika Martini.

Trama e commenti: Un pornofilmaccio di bassa lega.

Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: - - «Several mysterious deaths shake the citizens of a little town. While researching the strange cases, a young detective comes under the spell of an enigmatic beauty. Her sensual charm leads him deep into a world of seductive shadow-creatures, until the strange events force him to make a final decision... This was one of the most boring hardcore flics I ever had to sit through! And don't rely on the vampiric quality of the film: like so often in adult movies, there's very little screentime for it. OK, we have the occasional (very artificial looking) bloodstains, and there's a supposed Vampire-Queen (she MUST be a vampiress with her gothic makeup and lying in a coffin), but there have been much better outputs, even in this genre. Note: The German video cover lists Ralf Scott as director, while the film itself credits Andrea Lucci (as do the covers from other countries). This is probably for marketing reasons, as Ralf Scott (another porn director) works for the film's distributor in Germany, XY-Pictures».


Conosciuto anche con i titoli: SataniX; Schwanz der Vampire.




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