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Attack of the Giant Leeches

2008, regia di Brett Kelly


Scheda: Nazione: Canada - Produzione: Dudez Productions - Distribuzione: Dudez Productions - Soggetto: Jeff O'Brien - Sceneggiatura: Jeff O'Brien - Fotografia: Jera Kenez - Formato: Color.

Cast: Ray Besharah, Steven R. Cole, Kerri Draper, Mark Courneyea, Shawna McSheffrey, Jody Haucke, Trevor Payer, Gary Peterson, Mark Singleton.




Trama e commenti: «Una piccola comunitą nei pressi di una palude viene invasa da sanguisughe giganti assetate di sangue umano...».

Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - «When various members of its inbred populace turn up missing, the sheriff of a small swamp town believes there's foul play afoot. But when one particularly intoxicated resident claims to have seen giant leeches in the water, the cop turns things over to a belligerent park ranger who's new to the area. Making matters worse, the government official has taken up with the policeman's ex-girlfriend. As a group of vacationing college gals cavort next to the marsh, more and more members of the citizenry wind up MIA. This includes the adulterous wife of the town's property magnate (he owns the diner AND the general store) and a few toothless dorks. When various searches turn up nothing, the scientist daddy of the ranger's woman makes a suggestion - blast the bog. Nothing living could survive the concussive force of some TNT, and they might just turn up the cause of all the carnage as well».


Remake del film Attack of the Giant Leeches del 1959.




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