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VampireSex: il soft e l'hard

Dark Angels

2000, regia di Nic Andrews


Scheda: Nazione: USA - Produzione: New Sensations Video - Distribuzione: New Sensations Video - Soggetto: Nic Andrews - Sceneggiatura: Nic Andrews, George Kaplan - Fotografia: Jake Jacobs - Musiche: Derik Andrews, Inversion 89 - Formato: Color - Durata: 118' (100').

Cast: Ginger Paige, Voodoo, Sydnee Steele, Mike Horner, Jewel De'Nyle, Mickey G., McKayla, April, Erik Everhard, Phylisha Ryder, Dillion Day.



Trama e commenti: «Halloween è alle porte e per celebrarlo degnamente la casa di produzione di film a luci rosse New Sensations ha realizzato uno speciale cofanetto di tre DVD. La triade comprende Dark Angels 1, Dark Angels 2 e il sexy thriller Bloodrite. Dark Angels 1 è un video che risale al 2000 e narra le vicende di una giovane donna, testimone di un omicidio, di vampiri e di altre creature della notte, il tutto “condito” con abbondanti dosi di sesso. Il film, diretto da Nic Andrews, ottenne all’epoca molti premi tanto che venne considerato uno dei migliori prodotti hard di quell’anno. Dall’enorme successo scaturì il secondo capitolo che racconta, invece, le vicende di una ragazza alla ricerca del siero dell’immortalità...».

Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - «Vampirism has long-been a staple of western culture, and has been especially popular with cinema audiences since the Hammer films of the sixties and seventies. With Dark Angels, director Nic Andrews presents a contemporary incarnation of the mythical blood-sucker, burdened with craving sexual desires. In it, Sydnee Steele leads a gang of leather-clad urban beasts on the rampage through Los Angeles. Unfortunately, the cover she’s so keen to maintain is jeopardised when a young motorist – Jewel De Nyle – witnesses her attacking an anonymous male. The authorities are duly alerted, and a square-jawed detective (Dillon Day) takes up the case. Dark Angels received critical plaudits and numerous awards at the time of its release, all of which causes me a degree of despair. It’s not that the film’s a total disaster, but leaving superficial factors to one side, it is entirely routine. A simple but potentially engaging narrative is relegated to a supporting role, and a great deal of money is spent facilitating half a dozen sexual set-pieces. In the last decade or so – possibly due to the success of Michael Ninn’s groundbreaking movies – several of the larger studios have adopted a policy of increasingly elaborate ‘blockbuster’ productions; of course, most of them are simply expensively packaged, formulaic porn – and so it is here...».

Conosciuto anche con i titoli: Les Anges des tenebres; Nic Andrews' Dark Angels.

Dark Angels 2: Bloodline

2005, regia di Nic Andrews


Scheda: Nazione: USA - Produzione: New Sensations - Distribuzione: New Sensations - Soggetto: Nic Andrews - Sceneggiatura: Nic Andrews - Formato: Color - Durata: 114'.

Cast: Monica Mayhem, Sunny Lane, Karina Kay, Evan Stone, Ron Jeremy, Dillion Day.


Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: - - - «The Fear...Is Back! Draken (Barret Blade) leads a band of vampires and mutant zombies on a hunt for an elixir that holds the key to their immortality. In their desperate, final days they find the answer coursing through the veins of a young woman, Jesse (Sunny Lane), and once they find her, they will stop for no man. Unless it's slayer Jack Cross (Dillon), whose sole purpose in life is to see to the extinction of the entire vampire race. The eternal battle between good and evil rages into the shadows of the night when an unforgettable classic is reborn. The fear is back!».



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