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Gui gan bu

1991, regia di Andrew Kam Yuen Wah


Scheda: Nazione: Hong Kong - Produzione: Hatract Films Ltd. - Distribuzione: Golden Princess Amusement Co. Ltd. - Soggetto: Lillian Lee Pik-Wah - Sceneggiatura: Lillian Lee Pik-Wah - Fotografia: Patrick Jim Pak-Hung, Horace Wong Wing-Hang, Andrew Kam Yeung-Wa - Montaggio: Marco Mak Chi-Sin - Art Director: Fung Yuen-Chi - Costumi: Shing Fuk-Ying - Musiche: Law Wing Fai - Formato: Color, linguaggio cantonese - Durata: 93'.

Cast: San Kwan, Ching-Ying Lam, Kong Lau, Chia-Hui Leung, Tony Leung Ka Fai, Ridley Tsui, Joey Wong, Ma Wu.




Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - «The Japanese armies that invaded Chinese homes during World War II brought along a thousand-year old "blood demon". After being taken over by this vampiric entity, Lin Chiang's father sacrifices his life to prevent the powerful evil spirit from escaping into the human world. Lin is brought up by Liang's family, which makes Liang becoming extremely jealous, and during the Cultural Revolution, he expels Lin, who has been...».


Conosciuto anche con il titolo: Red and Black.




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