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Gypsy Vampire 3: Freaky Vampire

2008, regia di Conrad Brooks


Scheda: Nazione: USA - Produzione: Conrad Brooks Productions - Distribuzione: Alpha Video Distributors - Soggetto: Conrad Brooks - Sceneggiatura: Conrad Brooks - Fotografia: Joennedy - Formato: Color.

Cast: Bruce "Porkchop" Lindsay, Conrad Brooks, John Durham, Mack Shivar.




Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: - - - - - «The horrifying Freak Show run by Professor Knish has run into hard times, but the showman has a plan. Convinced that the evil vampire Count Lugo is still alive, he hopes to make the blood-sucker his star attraction. It's a brilliant scheme in every respect except one - Count Lugo has his own ideas. When the professor calls in Lugo's old nemesis, Dr. Kielbasa, the Count vows a hideous revenge. Edward D. Wood confederate Conrad Brooks not only wrote, produced and directed Freaky Vampire, the third installment of the Gypsy Vampire series, but he also appears in front of the camera as the quirky low-life, Digger».


Gypsy vampire - Gypsy Vampire's Revenge




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