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Kitou Scrogneugneu - Le vampire de ces monstres

2002, regia di Frederic Dybowski


Scheda: Nazione: Francia-Canada - Produzione: TF 1, Belvision, RTBF, Dargaud Marina, Tooncan Productions - Distribuzione: Citel Video - Soggetto: dal libro Kitou Scrogneugneu di Ann Rocard, Marina Degano & Francois Ruyer - Sceneggiatura: Tony Scott, Pascal Mirleau - Musiche: Robert Marcel Lepage - Formato: Color, animazione - Durata: 13' (15').

Voci (versione tedesca): Jan Sebastian Panesak, Katharina Berthold, Max Felder, Beate Pfeiffer, Simone Brahmann, Bernd Simon, Willi Räbke, Dagmar Dempe.



Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: - - - - - - «We all know monsters live underground with others monsters and behave - monstrously. This series tells what happens when a monster turns out to be incapable of even minor monstrosity and leaves the family lair to start a new life in the human world above... Kitou is lucky enough to be taken in by a girl called Lucy, who tries to make him understand that he must never leave the room without her. But monsters are seriously curious! He just HAS to discover the new world and cannot resist clambering out of the window, down the drainpipe and rushing out into the town for a new adventure. So life in the human world proves much more complicated and dangerous than Kitou ever imagined. Luckily Lucy and her friend Nemo are usually there to get him out of trouble and, above all, to share his crazy adventures».


Episodio 17 della serie tv Kitou Scrogneugneu (52 episodi). Noto anche con i titoli: Coffin' Up a Vampire; Le Vampire de ces Monstres; Kitou auf Vampirjagd (serie Kitou Auf Vampirjagd, o Kitou The Six-Eyed Monster).




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