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McCloud meets Dracula

1977, regia di Bruce Kessler


Scheda: Nazione: USA - Produzione: Glen Larson Productions, Universal TV - Distribuzione: NBC  (National Broadcasting Company) - Creatore della serie: Herman Miller - Soggetto: Glen A. Larson - Fotografia: Ben Colman - Montaggio: Bruce Kessler - Art Director: Alexander A Mayer - Musiche: Stu Phillips - Effetti speciali: Albert Whitlock - Formato: Technicolor, film tv - Durata: 75'.

Cast: Dennis Weaver, John Carradine, Diana Muldaur, Michael Sacks, Reggie Nalder, Joe Stone, Terry Carter, Victor Fisher, J.D. Cannon, Ken Lynch, Gino Ardito, Vince Howard, Bobbie Mitchell, Ken Scott, Toni Lawrence, Booth Colman, Tom Snyder, John Finnegan, Dennis Levine, Carole Mallory.




Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - - - «Murder victims are found to be drained of blood, and an elderly star of vampire films is suspected; Chief Clifford is on the hunt for a random sniper. This superb two-edged satire invokes the Hammer model at the outset and throughout, pivoting on an interpolation established almost immediately. Sundown in New York. A candlelit chamber, a coffin on a bier, the lid opens, a figure in evening dress (whose face is not seen) slowly emerges, takes a gibus and a walking stick with a silver pomme, departs. Another figure is seen on a rooftop, armed with a military rifle and a nightscope. The vampire strikes, the sniper shoots. Two dead, with more to follow. Both appear to strike randomly, but the vampire’s victims display a sort of pattern. One is a “bloodsucker,” as Det. Grover describes him, which is to say he works for a collection agency. The second is filling in on the job for her boyfriend, who makes deliveries for a pharmacy. The third works for Con Ed shutting off electricity. The sniper is not, as Chief Clifford theorizes, a crazed Vietnam vet, but a boot camp washout. Chris Coughlin has received an advance to write a book about vampires, and is greedily devouring Dracula films on television. The great actor Loren Belasco, whose talents encompass Stratford-upon-Avon and Transylvania, is interviewed by Tom Snyder, and Chris believes a fan of his is dementedly aping his hero. All are skeptical regarding vampires, except Belasco (who claims to be a descendant of the original Count), and the medical examiner, whose interest in ancient medicine provokes this riposte from the coroner: “Working in the morgue, I’m not at all sure I believe in the virtues of modern medicine.” McCloud captures the sniper while chasing Belasco across the rooftops, and the ending is correctly ambiguous».

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Episodio 6 della stagione 7 della serie tv McCloud (in Italia Uno sceriffo a New York).




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