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The Musical Vampire

(Yin yue jiang shi)

1990, regia di Wilson Tong Wai-Shing


Scheda: Nazione: Hong Kong - Produzione: Wilson Tong Wai-Shing - Distribuzione: Scholar Films Co. Ltd. - Soggetto: Ee - Sceneggiatura: My - Fotografia: Fg - Montaggio: Wn - Scenografia: Dn - Art Direction: Dn - Costumi: Dn - Musiche: Ey - Effetti speciali: Re - Formato: Color, linguaggio cantonese - Durata: 93'.

Cast: Lam Ching Ying, Rachel Lee Lai-Chun (Loletta Lee, Loretta Lee), Lee Ga Sing, Stanley Fung Sui-Faan, Charlie Cho Cha-Lee, Hung Yan Yan, Tai Bo, Wong Siu Yat.


Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - «A crazy scientist resurrects a corpse through injecting a concoction that creates a super-powerful vampire. The only thing that can somewhat control it is the sound of music, especially "London bridge is falling down", which drops the fanged killer into a trance. A Tao priest and his two assistants try to stop it from destroying the countryside».


Conosciuto anche con i titoli: Yin Le Jiang Shi; Yam Lok Geung Shut.




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