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Nominated Golden Scroll, Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films: Best Horror Film

Vault of Horror

1973, regia di Roy Ward Baker



Scheda: Nazione: GB-USA - Produzione: Amicus Productions, Metromedia Productions - Distribuzione: 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, Media Home Entertainment, Cinerama Releasing Corporation, Ambassador Film Distributors, Dynamite Films - Soggetto: Al Feldstein, William M. Gaines - Sceneggiatura: Milton Subotsky - Fotografia: Denys N. Coop - Montaggio: Oswald Hafenrichter - Art Director: Tony Curtis - Set Decoration: Fred Carter - Musiche: Douglas Gamley - Formato: Eastmancolor - Durata: 83'.

Cast: Terry-Thomas, Dawn Addams, Denholm Elliot, Curd Jürgens, Tom Baker, Michael Craig, Terence Alexander, Glynis Johns, Mike Pratt, Robin Nedwell, Geoffrey Davies, Daniel Massey, Anna Massey,Erik Chitty, Jerold Wells, Marianne Stone, John Forbes-Robertson, Jasmina Hilton, Ishaq Bux, Edward Judd, Arthur Mullard, John Witty.





Trama e commenti:

Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - - - - - - - «...In this film, we open on five gentlemen getting on an elevator in an office building. All of them hit the button for the ground floor, and are surprised when the elevator continues its trip to the sub-basement. The elevator’s doors open on a well-set table, and the men all step out towards it, realizing after the elevator closes that it has no call button on their side. Figuring they have now ay out, anyway, the five men sit down at the table and begin talking. Their talk soon turns to dreams, and each of them tell of their own particularly vivid dream that they’ve each had. These dreams make up the meat of the movie: The first, "Midnight Mass", is of a man looking for his sister in a town where nobody comes out at night. The next, "The Neat Job", is about a man who marries a woman, only to have his neatly ordered life turned upside-down. The third, "This Trick’ll Kill You", sees a magician and his wife looking for a new trick to add to their act while visiting the heart of mysterious India. The fourth tale, "Bargain in Death", has a man faking his death for insurance money… too much more of the dream will spoil it for you, though. The last, and longest, of the stories, "Drawn and Quartered", is about a painter who obtains the power of voodoo to exact revenge on those who cheated him. ...».

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Conosciuto anche con i titoli: Further Tales from the Crypt; Tales from the Crypt, Part II; Le caveau de la terreur; La Boveda de los Horrores; In der Schlinge des Teufels; Skräckens valv Sweden.




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