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The Wasp Woman

1995, regia di Jim Wynorski


Scheda: Nazione: USA - Produzione: Concorde-New Horizons, Libra Pictures, Showtime Networks Inc. - Distribuzione: Concorde Pictures - Soggetto: Kinta Zertuche - Sceneggiatura: Leo Gordon, Daniella Purcell, Guy Prevost - Fotografia: Mike Mickens - Montaggio: Daniel H. Holland - Art Direction: Danielle Berman - Costumi: Elizabeth Ennis - Musiche: Terry Plumeri - Effetti speciali: Greg Aronowitz, Greg Landerer, L.A. McConnell - Formato: Color - Durata: 87'.

Cast: Jennifer Rubin, Doug Wert, Daniel J. Travanti, Melissa Brasselle, Maria Ford, Jay Richardson, Gerrit Graham, Richard Gabai, Johnny Williams, Lenny Juliano, Kimberley Roberts, Fred Olen Ray, Julie K. Smith, Rob Kerchner, Antonia Dorian.


Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - «...The center of our film is Janice Starlin, the successful owner of a cosmetics company as well as its only model for years. Unfortunately, her investors are now blaming a recent sales decline on her because shes considered too old to model her own products and they already have a younger woman lined up to become the companys new flagship model. Despite the devotion of her boyfriend Alec who happens to be a photographer for the company, Starlin hits a low, the victim of the high standards of youth and beauty her own company helped establish. In fact, Starlin becomes so desperate she enlists the aid of a new miracle drug from an outcast doctor experimenting with wasp enzymes...».

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Film tv, conosciuto anche con il titolo: Forbidden Beauty; Roger Corman Presents 'The Wasp Woman'.



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