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A Candle in the Dark

2002, regia di Richard Poche (come Rich Poche)


Scheda: Nazione: USA - Produzione: Poche Pictures - Distribuzione: Maxim Media International, Pendulum Pictures - Soggetto: Michael Anthony Lee, Richard Poche - Sceneggiatura: Michael Anthony Lee, Richard Poche - Fotografia: Richard Poche - Montaggio: Richard Poche - Musiche: Richard Poche - Formato: Color, corto - Durata: 40'.

Cast: Kirstin McLaughlin, Cliff Poche, Alexandra Ackerman, Kirsten Finkas, Trish Christensen, Joe Costales, Jessamyn Dawson, Stacie Rashel, Shelby Barendrick.




Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - - - - «Sarah (Kirstin McLaughlin) is a young, beautiful, blonde college student. Unfortunately, for her, the college campus is being plagued by murders that all point to some kind of vampiric goings ons. Things get worse when Sarah meets her new roommate, Lilith (Alexandra Ackerman). Lilith likes to only come out at night, wear Goth style clothes and knows a little too much about vampires. The only thing protecting Sarah is her faith and with each new attack, even that becomes a little strained. And what about Lilith? Is she the vampire killer? A Candle in the Dark is a fairly decent little film. Its one true saving grace is its lead actress, McLaughlin. She comes across as a natural on camera and seems to know her way around a low budget movie set. Some of the photography manages to be creepy and well shot, but there is an overuse of this dark blue filter throughout the flick that becomes more irritating than mood inducing. The movie drags in spots and can become a little too talky, even during scenes where there is a vampire attack going on! This is not a good thing. But, if it was pared down any farther it would be a short film at best and slightly incoherent as well. When I first went to watch this I mentioned that it sounded like an Elton John song (not a good sign, either). Then my wife slapped me upside the head and said that it was A Candle In The Wind, not A Candle in the Dark. Dark? Wind? What's the difference? In the end both the song and this film did little for me and are probably best avoided by anyone other then the-naked-woman-with-blood-splashed-on-her, video rental crowd. There is nary a boobie in sight and with the lead actress this is truly a shame».





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