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Captain Amazingly Incredible and the Space Vampires from the Evil Planet!!!

2010, regia di Karl Burnett


Scheda: Nazione: Nuova Zelanda - Produzione: Moonscape Pictures - Distribuzione: Gryphon Entertainment,, Arkles Entertainment - Soggetto: Karl Burnett, da un'idea di Greg Moon - Sceneggiatura: Karl Burnett - Fotografia: Karl Burnett - Montaggio: Karl Burnett, Lisa Hough - Formato: Color - Durata: 78'.

Cast: Roy Snow, Karl Burnett, Katherine Redmond, Nicko Vella, Claire Chitham, Matt Jukich, Christelle McIntosh, Grant Roa, Lucas Young, Tarun Mohanbhai (voce), Craig Hall (voce di Johnny Depp).





Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - - «Karl Burnett, Shortland Street has-been, creator of the hit 3G comedy series Boyband and author of the fantasy comedy novella The Bible II: Rick the Chosen One brings you the science-fiction comedy title of a lifetime. Roy Snow stars as the dashing Captain Amazingly Incredible, the world’s most realistic super hero, who whores out desperate homeless women to pay the bills. Unfortunately for the Captain, the whoring must be put on hold as the no good hoodwink The Evil Doctor (Nicko Vella) is planning to take over the world with his Vamp-O-Ray. Aided by his chubby sidekick, Det. Jack Spartan (Karl Burnett) and the handsome Johnny Depp (Lucas Young), the Captain sets off to rid the world of all things with sharp teeth and curry breath. Filmed over a series of three weekends, followed by a three year post-production stint, Captain Amazingly Incredible and the Space Vampires from the Evil Planet!!! sets the bar for visual effects in a science fiction comedy filmed in someone’s lounge».

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