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VampireSex: il soft e l'hard The Eternal I and II

2002, regia di Zalman King


Scheda: Nazione: USA-Germania-Lussemburgo - Produzione: ApolloMedia, The Carousel Picture Company, Luxembourg Film Fund, VCL Communications - Distribuzione: Showtime Networks - Soggetto: Zalman King - Sceneggiatura: Elise D'Haene, Greg Hittelman - Fotografia: Maher Maleh - Montaggio: David Finkelstein, Joe Shugart - Art Director: Wolfgang Melian, Sybille Spender - Costumi: Birgit Utz - Musiche: Trevor Morais - Effetti speciali: Darryl Hardin - Formato: Color, film tv - Durata: 91'.

Cast: Ian Abercrombie, Summer Altice, Domiziano Arcangeli, Désirée Florida, Matt King, Lourdes López Dinan, Tania Luque, Klaudia Nemchilova, Eva Nilsen, Erica Prior, Alona Thill-Miroshnychenko, Erica Prior, Lucas Babin, Agnès Concaro, M. Lannoye, Jenina Peraza, Melissa Brown (voce).




Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb1 - IMDb2 - - - - «Henry Brooke (Shane Brolly). Self-made billionaire. Owner of the Chromium Blue. To fuel his passion for life while recovering from a near-fatal motorcycle accident he beseeches his bride-to-be, Vivian Vadim (Erica Prior), to bring guests aboard the "Chromium Blue" and do whatever it takes to help them live out their deepest, most erotic fantasies... And then to tell him about it in excruciating, intoxicating detail... After a lifetime of rejecting men who lust after her, Maria (Summer Altice) finally falls in love. The only problem is her choice. Joe (Lucas Babin) is an Eternal - a vampire with a soul. An Eternal doesn't lust for blood. He only takes enough to survive. Maria is obsessed. When Joe disappears, she has to find him. And her obsession may cost Maria her life. Someone else is obsessed with Joe. But, unlike Joe, The Dutchman (Matt King) is pure evil. A vampire for centuries, he killed Joe's bride on their wedding night, trying to turn Joe into a vampire like him. But Joe's innate goodness saved him and he became an Eternal instead. Now The Dutchman will do anything to bring Joe under his power. And Maria is the bait».


Episodi 6 e 7 della stagione 1 della serie tv




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