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Crimson Winter

2013, regia di Bryan Ferriter



Scheda: Nazione: USA - Produzione: Interwoven Studios - Distribuzione: Peacock Films - Soggetto: Bryan Ferriter - Sceneggiatura: Bryan Ferriter, Nathan Mills, Ryan Pfeiffer - Fotografia: Bill Otto - Montaggio: Ulysses Guidotti - Art Director: Nathan Mills - Scenografia: Michael Peterson - Costumi: Liz M. Schroeder - Musiche: William Piotrowski - Formato: Color.

Cast: Bryan Ferriter, Nick Milodragovich, Kailey Michael Portsmouth, Ryan Pfeiffer, Brandon Day, Dave Noel, Paulie Rojas, Keith Carlson, Jordyn Auvil, Brent Bailey, Benjamin Dawley-Anderson, Patrick Gorman, Nathan Mills, Michael Peterson, Julia Porter, Andrew Roth.




Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - - Here is another vampire film trying to makes its name in the genre. This film is called Crimson Winter and it deals with a vampire who is over a 100 years old that wants revenge for his race being wiped out by human kind. ... A dark vampire thriller that follows a vampire prince's eon long journey to discover the one who will unite the races. After an attempt to unite the races from a oracle's prophecy, humans massacred the vampire race, wrote them out of history, and pushed them into myth... Exiled for embracing the love of a human, a vampire prince escapes into the mountains of Montana to build an army for revenge against his family. Over a hundred years later, in the dead of winter, a group of grad students go into the mountains to begin research on declining deer populations. When they discover the truth, they begin a desperate battle for survival.  As the fight escalates, the Vampire prince descends upon the conflict and discovers that only a broken heart can perpetuate the oracles prophecy. He is forced to visit his dark past as the fate of the students is decided...».

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Conosciuto anche con il titolo: Crimson Throne.




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