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Won 4 Awards: Chicago International Children's Film Festival: Best of the Fest - Golden and Platin Film Netherlands: Golden Film - Leeds Young People's Film Festival: Jury Award Best Film - Lucas International Festival of Films for Children and Young People: Honorable Mention

De Griezelbus

2005, regia di Pieter Kuijpers  


Scheda: Nazione: Olanda - Produzione: Bos Bros. Film & TV Productions - Distribuzione: Warner Bros, Delphis Films, Warner Home Video, AVRO Television, Alberto Bitelli Intl - Soggetto: tratto dal romanzo di Paul van Loon L'autobus del brivido - Sceneggiatura: Burny Bos, Pieter Kuijpers - Fotografia: Bert Pot - Montaggio: J. P. Luijsterburg - Art Director: Edwin Kemper - Musiche: Paleis van Boem - Effetti speciali: Rob's Prop Shop - Formato: Color - Durata: 96' (100).

Cast:Serge Price, Jim van der Panne, Lisa Smit, Willem Nijholt, Angela Schijf, Romijn Conen, Tom Jansen, Theu Boermans, Sylvia Poorta, Fred Goessens, Edo Brunner, Kiki de Boer, Dion de Groot, Loek de Vreese, Daphne de Winkel, Yvonne Dombrée, Rowdy Gerritsen, Perry Gits, Rob Herber,Jody Keppy, Jan Klop, Thomas Maartens, Julia Prevoo, Mehmet Uzmay, Jaap van der Panne, Mylène van der Spek, Robert Ruigrok van der Werve, Chantana van Loon, Paul van Loon, Willemijn van Poppel.




Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - «As the film begins Onnoval is trying to catch the eye of a girl from his class, Liselore (Lisa Smit). She does actually seem interested in him but she used to be the girlfriend of classroom bully Gino (Jim van der Panne), who seems unwilling to give her up. That day, in class, the teacher Mr Vriend (Romjin Conen) has arranged for horror novelist Nol van Paulo (Tom Jansen) to speak to the class. As Onnoval aspires to be an author this is of particular interest to him. The story telling is marvellously shot. At first it is just van Paulo reading. Then Onnoval sees the story projected in shadows upon the blinds. Suddenly he is alone within the classroom and then we see the story as a film. The story concerns a woman loosing her child to a wolf and the child being found by a couple. In Onnoval’s mind’s eye the couple are his parents. Afterwards he asks if the story was true, a question that is not answered, and Van Paulo gives him some advice – never show his stories to Ferluci (Fred Goessens), a name that means nothing to Onnoval, as Ferluci can make them come true».

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