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Der goldene Nazivampir von Absam 2 - Das Geheimnis von Schloß Kottlitz

2008, regia di Lasse Nolte


Scheda: Nazione: Germania - Produzione: Creative Gap Filmproduktion, Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film München, Münchner Filmwerkstatt - Distribuzione: MIG Film, Sunfilm Entertainment, Boll World Sales - Soggetto: Christoph Menardi, Alexander Kometer, Wolfgang Menardi, Monty Arnold - Sceneggiatura: Lasse Nolte - Fotografia: David Emmenlauer - Montaggio: Lasse Nolte - Art Director: Cara Hutterer - Costumi: Elisa Dellwo, Sophie Keilbar - Musiche: Tuomas Kantelinen - Effetti speciali: Idagrove Filmeffects - Formato: Color - Durata: 45'.

Cast: Daniel Krauss, Götz Burger, Kim Bärmann, Hendrik Martz, Walter Stapper, Oliver Kalkofe, Guido Meyer, Ferdinand Dörfler, Christian Heiner Wolf, Andreas Bendig, Philippe Reinhardt, Michael Schiller, Peter Heinrich, Alexander Kometer, Kerem Dagistan, Alexander Nadler, Sebastian Badenberg, Peter Thannisch, Joachim Hofmann, Sven Blumenrath, Andreas Jaschke, Robert Krawczyk, Peter Carpentier.





Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - - - «Despite the indication from its name, this short German film is not part 2 but stand alone. It was a part of a larger piece, Minor Films - Kurzfilme der Münchner Filmwerkstatt aus den Jahren 2003 bis 2007, a collection of short films. It is now available as a DVD, in Germany only as far as I can tell at the time of review, in its own right. It is also a wonderful quirky little piece about a plan to create an army of Nazi vampires during the war. However, before we get to that we get the (brief) misadventures of spy Brick Bradford (Kim Bärmann). Smokey is shotBrick has received a telegram to meet Smokey (Hendrick Martz) near Snagov, unfortunately he realises he is near Paris. Later he reaches the correct rendezvous and is approaching a fortified area. He steps on a hand, and a figure in a crusader costume rises besides him. It is Smokey. Smokey tells Brick to get the film (which he has stolen from the SS) to General Donovan (Walter Stapper). Spotlights come on, he tells Brick to run, fires a shot at the officer on the battlements and is cut down by machine gun fire. Daniel Krauss as BlazkowiczIn Washington William BJ Blazkowicz (Daniel Krauss) is indulging in research but, ultimately starts to drinking. That is until a soldier enters the room. He quickly puts the open bottle in a drawer, where it proceeds to leak and looks like a stream of urine running below the desk. The film is peppered with little toilet humour gags and, perhaps, they were unnecessary in the grand scheme of things as the film has its own quirky humour above this. ...».


Conosciuto anche con il titolo: The Golden Nazi Vampire of Absam: Part II - The Secret of Kottlitz Castle.




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