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The Lair

2007, regia di Fred Olen Ray


Scheda: Nazione: USA - Produzione: Here! TV - Distribuzione: here! Films, E1 Entertainment, Eagle Entertainment, PRO-FUN media Filmverleih, Optimale - Ideatore: Fred Olen Ray - Soggetto: Fred Olen Ray - Montaggio: Randy Carter - Costumi: Christopher Koelsch, Michael Crow - Musiche: Chuck Cirino - Formato: Color, serie tv di 28 puntate in 3 stagioni - Durata: 27' ogni episodio.

Cast: Peter Stickles, David Moretti, Dylan Vox, Beverly Lynne, Colton Ford, Johnny Hazzard, Bobby Rice, Grant Landry.






Trama e commenti: - - «The Lair è una serie televisiva statunitense vampiresca a tematica gay, trasmessa dal canale televisivo here!. La serie, tuttora inedita in Italia, ha trasmesso i primi due episodi nel giugno 2007. Della serie sono state realizzate due stagioni per un totale di 15 episodi. La serie ha molti punti di contatto con Dante's Cove, altra serie analoga trasmessa da here!, di cui può considersi uno spin-off. Del cast fa parte anche l'ex pornodivo Colton Ford, nel ruolo dello sceriffo Trout, dalla seconda stagione è entrato nel cast il pornoattore Johnny Hazzard, accreditato con il suo vero nome Frankie Valenti».

Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - - - - - - «The Lair is a series in which vampires run an underground sex club employed by hunky, S/M vampires that like to engage in deadly, lascivious orgies. Not since Udo Kier as the Count in Andy Warhol's Dracula has the leader of a vampire cult, in this case Damian (Peter Stickles), been so horny. However, The Lair diverges from Dracula's story quickly, allying plot-wise more with The Lost Boys, in which a posse of hot men must secretly kill in order to keep the family alive. Over the course of the six half-hour episodes in The Lair: The Complete First Season, journalist Thom (David Moretti) and his boyfriend, Jonathan (Jesse Cutlip), get a little too close to discovering the vampires behind a series of anonymous John Doe murders, whose case is officially spearheaded by Sheriff Trout (Colton Ford). Sex scenes are as steamy as they can get for television, and The Lair, as melodrama, delivers wherever one would expect people to get naked and crawl into bed. As one would imagine, and hope, everyone involved in the series, save a couple surprises, ends up dead or a vampire. Not until episode three, after Jonathan has been bitten and Thom tries to hang himself under hypnosis, does the series begin to take more mystical turns, cluing Thom and his friends, like Laura Rivers (Beverly Lynne), into the fact that a coven exists on the island they live on. As Thom sleuths away to discover Jonathan's attempted killer, side plots evolve. Laura's boyfriend, Jimmy (Evan Stone), beats her up, and another vampire victim, Eric (Michael Von Steele), is recruited to The Lair's S/M late-night crew. During episodes four, five, and six, a mutiny forms amongst the vampires, masterminded by Kiefer Sutherland look-a-like, Colin (Brad Benton), and his lackey Frankie (Brian Nolan), who turn against Damian because he believes Thom is his old lover, Richard Devere, reincarnated 200 years later. The scene depicting Damian and Richard back in pre-colonial Boston, dressed in powdered wigs while Richard paints Damian, is hilarious. The dialogue is a schlocky mixture of Shakespearean posturing and gossipy club boy, such as when Colin brattily tells Thom, "Truth is, we're a coven of vampires, and when the sun sets again, you're going to die." The Lair is trashy, ridiculous, and lots of fun» (Trinie Dalton).

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