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Phantom Quest Corporation: Kiss of Fire

(Yûgen kaisha)

1994, regia di Koichi Chigara


Scheda: Nazione: Giappone - Produzione: Oniro, Madhouse Productions, Animaze - Distribuzione: Manga Films, Pioneer Entertainment - Soggetto: Mami Watanabe - Sceneggiatura: Watanabe Mami - Fotografia: Hisao Shirai - Montaggio: Harutoshi Ogata - Character Design: Ueda Hitoshi - Animation Director: Ueda Hitoshi - Art Director: Uehara Shinichi - Musiche: Junichi Kanezaki - Formato: Color, film tv, animazione - Durata: 32'.

Voci (edizione inglese): Lena Banas, Steve Blum, Richard Cansino, James Clay, Bambi Darro, Christopher de Groot, A.C. Doyle.




Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - - - - - - «In the 6th year of the Heisei period, according to the National Tax Administration, more than two million companies are listed in Japan. They are categorized as Limited and Unlimited Partnerships, Joint-Stock Corporations, and Limited Companies. However, there is only one business that does not belong to any type of company category. The company is rumored to be a Ghost Company, Phantom Company, and a Mysterious Company... This company is owned by Ayaka Kisaragi, whose job is to exterminate evil spirits and various kinds of monsters. Many may consider this a most unusual business... This company is called "The Phantom Quest Corporation" (You-Gen-Kai-Sya). This film is an anime with four episodes, each one refering to another type of demon. Three of them are of no deeper interest for us (although they are quite entertaining), as they have nothing to do with vampires. But the first episode on the DVD - Kiss Of Fire - features a great, cruel and powerful master vampire and a young, friendly and helpful vampire forsworn to human blood. The plot shifts between action sequences and the (typical for that genre) comedy-parts. If you are willing to try something different from the usual stuff, do it - it's a nice diversion».


Episodio 1 della miniserie in 4 episodi Phantom Quest Corporation (Yûgen kaisha).




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