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Saint Dracula 3D

2012, regia di Rupesh Paul



Scheda: Nazione: Emirati Arabi - Produzione: BizTV Network - Distribuzione: BizTV Network - Soggetto: Rupesh Paul - Sceneggiatura: Rupesh Paul - Fotografia: Francois Coppey - Montaggio: Ajay Devaloka - Art Director: Peter Mulhal, Toby Riches - Costumi: Nichola Parle - Effetti speciali: BananaFish Management, Cinema Verity - Formato: Color - Durata: 120'.

Cast: Mitch Powell, Patricia Duarte, Suzanne Roche, Anna Burkholder, Daniel Shayler, Faith Watkins, Bill Hutchens, Ciara Bailey, Micheal Christopher, Nicola Jeanne, Chris Lacey, Sarah Jayne Van Parys, Lawrence Larkin, Anna Passey, Carl Wharton.








Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - - - - - - «Paragon of Saint Dracula 3D is an upcoming picture by Rupesh Paul. Produced by BizTV Network - the makers of Dam 999 - Saint Dracula ended up being the first ever stereoscopic 3D picture to be made on the story of Dracula. Film creator Rupesh Paul sprinkled a fake news about this picture, guaranteeing that it had made it into Oscar Nominations class. Story: Aching for vengeance, Dracula held up in craving and thirst for his departed admirer. The night concealed him in the dull, the earth and the woods were his safe house. He is a fallen heavenly attendant, a calamitous beau, the trodden Prince of Wallachia, however a vampire in reprisal. His partisans expect his repeat with a festival. He turns lucky enamored, notwithstanding ever. Lovely nights of fondness and desire trap him with his lost fondness-Clara, an intense green cloister adherent yet still a mortal. The peaches and excellence takes a turn the day Clara gets enchanted by the Catholic Church. The Vatican plots the trap yet will the arrangement thrive? Alternately will it be cherish?».

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