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The Sanguinarian

2010, regia di Analisa Ravella


Scheda: Nazione: USA - Produzione: 6:41 Productions - Distribuzione: indipendente - Soggetto: Charles Beal, Analisa Ravella - Sceneggiatura: Charles Beal, Analisa Ravella - Fotografia: Michael D. Gough - Montaggio: Paulina Ivy - Scenografia: Analisa Ravella - Set Decoration: Tate McCullough, Avery Wynings - Costumi: Louis Fleischauer, Rosa Gomez, Mihaela Hinkle, Annette Magus, Anna Marie, Miriam Melanson Janny Perez, Dana Pfeffer, Tressa Williams - Musiche: Brandy Angela, Jyri Glynn - Effetti speciali: Bryan Deweese, Paulina Ivy, Avery Wynings - Formato: Color - Durata: 103'.

Cast: Charles A. Beal, Laura Mason, Carly Latimore, Gary Winterholle, Jade Jesser, Cammie Pavesic, Larry Laverty, Chris Adkins, Brandy Angela, Levi Bettwieser, Megan Brown, Jeremiah Bullock, Miranda Carter, Jim Christopher, Trevelyn Clover, Gigliola Cook, Sarah Cooper, Valerie Dresen, T. Adam Dyer, Cheryl Essary, Jonathan Flesch.





Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - «...The film centres around Christoph (Charles Beal) a vampire who seems morose, less than happy with his lot in undeath and shattered by events from his past. He only really seems to have two friends Yale Thomas (Jade Jesser) and Colonel Payton (Gary Winterholler). These two occasionally drink with him in the bar that all the vampires seem to frequent. The bar itself boasts a cornucopia of styles. The vampires seem to wear period costumes from their own eras, be it French aristocratic costumes or American Civil War uniforms. Yet there is an idiosyncrasy to it, for instance the image of the French wig and beauty spot coupled with a more fetish type dress creates a visual texture where the eye is constantly distracted by the canvas portrayed. I shall return to the look later but for now let me mention that we see, obscured behind screens, that much of the blood is drawn from fresh sources. ...».

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