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Vampirsex: il soft e l'hard

Sentinels of Darkness

2002, regia di Manos Kalaitzakis


Scheda: Nazione: GB-Grecia - Produzione: Manos Kalaitzakis - Sceneggiatura: Duncan Skinner, Manos Kalaitzakis, Barbara Helverson - Fotografia: Grigoris Theodoridis - Effetti speciali: Michalis Samiotis, Alan Whibley, Harold Herbert - Formato: Color, film tv - Durata: 73'.

Cast: Charly Barber, Dani Biernat, Nena Chronopoulou, Donna Chiappini, Eileen Daly, Sandra Darnell, Amanda Dawkins, David de Villiers, Elaine Eastman, Gabriel Fois, Peter Godwin, Vicky Harris, Lydia Heliopoulou, Michalis Iatropoulos, Mike Jimson, Natalie Jones, Nestor Koudounas, Costa Laskos, Chuck Manolson, Christos Mantakas, Anna Nanousi, Evelina Papantoniou, Cindy Read, Ian Robertson, Duncan Skinner, Nikos Tsachiridis.






Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - - - - «The Hammer style first segment (shot at Ealing studios) stars horror icon Eileen Daly as high priestess Velislava, leader of an elite vampire clan situated somewhere in the Balkans. Undead aristocrat Dragan (Peter Godwin), who happens to be Velislava`s lover, seduces the beautiful young Sandra (Sandra Darnell), and offers her the "gift". Finding herself unable to cope with immortality, Sandra becomes an outcast; and after destroying a statue of Velislava, she is brought to trial. She urges Velislava to grant her death... The second segment (shot in and around London) is a flurry of frantic Manga-like madness. Natalie Jones plays a slayer in pursuit of "the Duke" (Nico Tsahiridis), a horror film actor with a thirst for blood. Disguised as a hooker, she sets up a meeting with the horny has-been, armed with a pistol and a handful of silver bullets. She succeeds in destroying him, but will the Duke`s only offspring (Dani Biernat Brayam) return the favour? The third segment (shot in Athens) sees a pair of unsuspecting twenty-somethings, Paige (Vicky Harris) and Jessica (Charly Barber), paying a visit to a glossy nightclub known as The Coven. They are greeted by the owners, Ian (Ian Robertson) and Jordan (Duncan Skinner), and lured to a broken down mansion; the scene for their initiation. When Paige's boyfriend Adka (Michalis Iatropoulos) is killed by Ian, his death forming part of Paige's indoctrination, the girls set about planning their revenge, with a little help from their "guardian angel"».





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