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Nominated Prize of the City of Torino: Best Torino Film

Sottile come sangue

1995, regia di Giovanni Polesello



Scheda: Nazione: Italia - Produzione: Indipendente - Soggetto: Giovanni Polesello - Sceneggiatura: Giovanni Polesello - Fotografia: Giovanni Del Ponte - Musiche: Maurizio Pustianaz - Formato: Color, video betamax - Durata: 56'.

Cast: Stefania Chiappero, Mauro Gariglio, Alexandra Gavazza, Carlo Martini, Giovanni Polesello.


Trama e commenti: - - «Una giornata della non-vita di un vampiro che guarda all'assurdità del mondo d'oggi e delle cosiddette persone normali con un misto d'ironia e tenerezza».

Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - «The protagonist of this video is a vampire gifted with lucidity and critical sense when alone but incapable of expressing himself when he is in the company of others. A whole series of episodes culminate with his attempting to kill himself, something that obviously fails. He becomes aware that he is lonely and that he cannot ever remove himself from the scene. This vampire does what he knows how to do: he acts like a vampire. Every once in a while he sinks his canine teeth into a young and innocent throat. He decides to change the atmosphere and attempts to shift the borders of human defeat his own and that of others. However, it is hard to travel, especially if he does not have a vehicle and he has to trust in the good will of drivers».





Scheda a cura di Letizia Dello Mastro


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