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Honorable Mention, Louisville Fright Night Film Fest

Blood on the Highway

2008, regia di Barak Epstein, Blair Rowan


Scheda: Nazione: USA - Produzione: BOH Productions - Distribuzione: E1 Entertainment Distribution, Lightning Media - Soggetto: Chris Gardner, Blair Rowan - Sceneggiatura: Chris Gardner, Blair Rowan - Fotografia: Clay Liford - Montaggio: Michael Fleetwood - Scenografia: Don Day - Set Decoration: Brent Wiggins - Musiche: Paul Nichols - Effetti speciali: Tom Zembrod, Deva George - Formato: Color - Durata: 88'.

Cast: Deva George, Nate Rubin, Robin Gierhart, Tony Medlin, Laura Stone, Chris Gardner, Nicholas Brendon, Tom Towles, Richard L. Olsen, Bill Rhoten, James Hoke, Casey Wickson, Charlie Papathanasiou, Blair Rowan, Barak Epstein.





Trama e commenti: - - «Dopo una disavventura gastrointestinale, tre vent'enni in un viaggio in macchina arrivano a Fate, città popolata da vampiri succhiasangue. I pochi sopravissuti preparano l'ultima battaglia contro l'esercito dei non morti».

Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - - - - «The populace of the lethargic small town Fate, TX gathers for the grand opening of Consumart, a glossy new one-stop-shopping box store. The enthusiastic patrons merrily dispense into the store as the doors open at sunset. Before the unsuspecting shoppers have time to question the fact that the store is stocked with coffins, terror erupts and the store explodes into a bloodbath. A few weeks later, three unmindful, egocentric twenty somethings, Carrie (Robin Gierhart), Sam (Nate Rubin), and Bone (Deva George), embark on a road trip to Mr. Fire, a festival which shares eerie similarities to Burning Man, and accidentally wander into Fate, unaware of its population's ill-fated transformation... into vampires. Carrie, a superficial, aggressive scenester is dating Sam's wallet. Sam is a shrill, immature, hypochondriac, well-to-do young man. Bone, an uncaring badass with a malicious speech pattern, is still nurturing a yearning for Carrie predicated upon a drunken, frolicsome one night stand. After a confrontation with two blood-thirsty convenience store clerks in which Sam is repeatedly bitten and attacked, Bone is forced to butcher them. Now the protagonists begin to wonder if something strange might be going on in the town. Luckily, but only in the sense that they didn't get murdered, the three stumble upon the only surviving humans in town: Byron Von Jones (Tony Medlin), a trigger-happy, conspiracy theorist, militia member; Lynette Von Jones (Laura Stone), a worn, white-trash hussy; and Roy Jackson (Chris Gardner), a spineless, deceitful frat boy in his early 20s. The group is forced to band together and take shelter in Roy's ranch house, surrounded by hundreds of vampires intending to torch the property before sunrise. The group must now try to last throughout the night with their bloodthirsty pursuers on their tail».

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Conosciuto anche con il titolo: Legion der Vampire.




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