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1 Nomination, Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards, Rondo Statuette: Best Independent Film

The Caretakers

2014, regia di Steve Hudgins


Scheda: Nazione: USA - Produzione: Big Biting Pig Productions - Distribuzione: Big Biting Pig Productions, Indie Rights - Soggetto: Steve Hudgins - Sceneggiatura: Steve Hudgins - Fotografia: Steve Hudgins - Montaggio: Steve Hudgins, P. J. Woodside - Art Director: Timothy Blair - Formato: Color - Durata: 103'.

Cast: Nick Faust, Michael Coon, Joe Estevez, Brittney Saylor, Bill Johnson, Steve Hudgins, P.J. Woodside, April Jennings, Kenneth R. Root, Lucy Turner, Jessica Dockrey, Craig Angel, Felicia Stewart, Rob Miles, Timothy Blair.





Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - - «Not to be confused with the earlier (and singular) the Caretaker, writer and director Steve Hudgins has followed a line of concentrating on the vampire’s human servant that has also been seen in such films as the Familiar and Sodium Babies. ... Catherine is a pureline vampire – another species. This is where we get the interesting lore. The pureline vampires have one main vulnerability – that is the deepest part of their sleep is so deep that anything could be done to them. Because of this they are secretive and have human caretakers. Jack is Catherine’s caretaker but she realises that he wants more out of life, which is why she wants him to train his replacements – this ends up being a father and his daughter who Catherine had saved from a serial killer. We discover that the purelines have telekinetic and limited telepathic powers (she knows when her caretaker is hurt) and a support network through human society. They feed on blood but it is slightly different to most vampire films. They have to bite their victim and release a chemical into the wound that alters the blood over a period of time – making it drinkable (though this does not sound like a good evolutionary survival tactic). If a victim should escape with their blood altered – like Rachel did – then they become a hybrid, developing fangs and an overwhelming and inescapable hunger. They must drink their own blood type and become increasingly unstable and violent. Rachel quickly develops the ability to smell her own blood type. Catherine wants Rachel found and destroyed. ...»».

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