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2 wins and 1 nomination

The Carriage or Dracula & My Mother

2014, regia di Benjamin L. Gordon (come Ben Gordon)


Scheda: Nazione: GB-USA-Spagna - Produzione: Benjamin L. Gordon, David Naranjo, Gonzalo Salazar-Simpson - Distribuzione: visibile su YouTube e altri siti - Soggetto: Benjamin L. Gordon - Sceneggiatura: Benjamin L. Gordon - Fotografia: Maron Sarkis, Jose Antonio Crespillo - Montaggio: Jaume García Art - Art Director: Mike Brackenridge - Musiche: Oriol Aymat, Kevin MacLeod, Daniel O'Connor - Effetti speciali: Rafael Aguirre - Formato: Color, corto - Durata: 15'.

Cast: Francisco Aguirre, Charlotte Gordon, Benjamin L. Gordon, Cloe Lee Gordon, Laura Mayoral.




Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - «It's Christmas time and director Ben Gordon is to spend it with his family. But the day he arrives at his mother's house, a sinister carriage appears on her land. Given that it seems harmless, everybody gets on with the Christmas preparations except Ben who's blinded to his family's safety by the golden opportunity to film something momentous. Willing to sacrifice anything for the sake of his camera, he uses his family to bait out and film whatever's inside the vehicle. But his malign plan backfires no sooner does his wife catch on to it, fleeing the house with their child and leaving the director and his mother to spend a miserable Christmas alone. Eventually Ben is drawn to the carriage alone where he's brutally attacked by an unorthodox vampire. Barely escaping to the house, his mother manages to protect him from the vampire and a standoff ensues, long into the night».

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