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Clash of the vampires

2017, regia di Luan Kryeziu (I episodio)


Scheda: Nazione: USA - Produzione: DeShazerfilms - Creatori: Michael Ballard, Eric DeShazer - Sceneggiatura: Cy - Fotografia: Logan Stone - Casting: Linda Jackson - Costumi: Chyna Blue, Chris Carrillo, Meekis Castillo, Bryan Osburn - Musiche: Nicholas Patrick - Effetti speciali: Zach Elston - Formato: Color, serie tv, I stagione da luglio 2017 (previsti 9 episodi).

Cast: Sriram Parthasarathy, Harold Dennis, Matt Thomas Moore, Shannon Lee, Scot Ringa, Arianna Lexus, Chris Maher, Shannon M. Williams, Edi Mehana, Corey De Mon, Jaclyn Francine, Dominic Anaya, Bruce Spielbauer.



Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - «Clash of the Vampires is a world in itself, but when two vampires start making trouble, they gain the attention of other supernatural beings. James and Veronica are waging war against each other and the citizens of the city are caught in the middle of all it. As they lay waste to the city with their century old war. The only one's able to stop this personal war and save the city is a Detective and a lonely vampire (Odious Washington) who has no legions to anyone, He's just looking for redemption for the lost of his daughter. Plot: James has come out of hiding after not being seen for over 200 year's. He finally catch's up with Demarco to even up the score. Veronica is moving forward with her plan's and Odious is being haunted by his dream of his dead daughter. Detective Gabriel has he's first encounter with a vampire».






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