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2014, regia di John Semper


Scheda: Nazione: USA - Produzione: Asylum House Productions - Distribuzione: Cinema Epoch - Soggetto: Evelyn Gabai - Sceneggiatura: John Semper - Fotografia: J. D. Brenton, J. Ross Eaker - Montaggio: John Semper - Art Director: John Claeys - Scenografia: John Claeys - Musiche: John Chiodini - Effetti speciali: Aly Coe, John Semper - Formato: Color - Durata: 89'.

Cast: Josh Baker, Matthew W. Allen, Melanie Baker-Futorian, Larry W. Barger, Chazz Bennett, Edward P. Berry, Randy Buschard, Mark Carter, John Claeys, Randy Cox, Betty Davis, Michael Davis, Joe Davison, Deborah Debolt.






Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - - plotsummary: «For three long centuries Creeporia has lived in an immortal freeze. A timeless soul lost in the breeze. Now, one way to win back her life is if she can become the wife of one who'll gladly give their heart to such a vain, repulsive tart! The second way to end this game is if she can regain her fame. Should she become a star once more. Then this curse gets thrown out the door! Will this undead actress escape her curse?» (Anonymous) - «Creeporia is the comedy-horror adventure of a 300-year-old Hollywood actress named Creeporia who has been turned into an undying, lost soul by an evil sorcerer. The only way she can break her curse is to become a big Hollywood star - or find true love. But when an evil demon attempts to transfer from his barren world to ours, then she and her out-of-work, classic Hollywood monster cohorts are the only ones who can stop him in time to save the planet!» (Anonymous).

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Alla regia di John Semper si deve anche una miniserie tv dal titolo Creeporia.     





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