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2015, regia di Charles W. Bailey


Scheda: Nazione: USA - Produzione: Vampires2 Films - Distribuzione: Vampires2 Films, Vimeo, Amazon, Pivotshare, Reel House, VHX - Soggetto: Carlos Dunn - Sceneggiatura: Carlos Dunn - Fotografia: Charles W. Bailey - Montaggio: Carlos Dunn, Antony D. Lane - Set Decoration: Penny Shaw - Costumi: Penny Shaw - Musiche: Mariano Saulino - Effetti speciali: Vampires2 Films - Formato: Color - Durata: 80'.

Cast: Tina Grimm, Michael Heggedus, Andrew Schaefer, Mel Heflin, Christa Johnston, Tempast Wulf, Kristoph Wulf, Denny Castiglione, Ashleigh Morghan, Chris Mccail, Benny Benzino, Aaron Green, Helen Heggedus, John Riddlebaugh





Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - horrorsociety - - «Una mujer tiene un oscuro secreto. Entabla amistad con un joven que también tiene un pasado turbulento y juntos escapan de situaciones complicadas en varias ocasiones, pero se introducirán en un mundo del cual sera muy difícil de olvidar». «...It starts in Mexico and vampire Senorita Landin (Tempast Wulf, the Vampire Diaries) wakes. She goes in to her kitchen and a confounding aspect of the film raises its ugly head. I’d already spotted bad cgi lava in a Mexico establishing shot, but really… a cgi victim hung up in the kitchen. Why not get an actor there, or hang the director up? Why not just a bag of blood in the fridge to establish her nature? This is poor and the cgi is a consistent problem in the film. When her eyes vamp that is cgi too and then she is killed by a vampire hunter. We get a potted history of the church’s war on vampirism, of them hiding its existence and working to wipe out the blasphemy. One of their agents is a loose cannon called Rooney (Michael Heggedus). Meanwhile in Miami, a woman, Sandra (Mel Heflin) approaches a distraught woman, Megan (Ashleigh Morghan), in a hotel corridor. Sandra tries to get her to go with her and eventually her eyes do a cgi flash and I assume the vampires have eye mojo as Megan follows her. We see another woman, Andrea (Christa Johnston), looking like a post-apocalyptic Gothic warrior coming from a lift. One wonders what the front desk made of it? In the hotel room Sandra talks to Megan. She holds her hand (cue bad cgi flames around the hand that indicate psychic connection) and discovers that the woman is distraught because she is dying of leukaemia but is also pregnant. Sandra makes her an offer, become like she is and she won’t die and her baby will be fine. The offer is quickly accepted and Sandra injects Megan with her blood – cue more awful cgi as she turns. Andrea bursts in and stakes Megan whilst Sandra escapes. ... ».

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Conosciuto anche con il titolo: Carlos Dunn's Katherine.





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