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The Sacrifice

2015, regia di Ricardo Islas


Scheda: Nazione: USA - Produzione: Jon M. Adler, Debra Fleming, Ricardo Islas - Distribuzione: SGL Entertainment - Soggetto: Ricardo Islas - Sceneggiatura: Ricardo Islas - Fotografia: Megan Etlinger - Montaggio: Ricardo Islas - Musiche: Daniel Robert Smith - Effetti speciali: Valerie Vanderkolk, David Pellenz - Formato: Color - Durata: 103'.

Cast: Elizabeth Abraham, Kourtney Adams, Venice Averryheart, Liz Bancroft, Armaan Bajpai, Yuri Barcenas, Patrick Burch, Zirley Casas, Tae Chourb, Luis Stalin Cruz, Max Da'Silva, Victoria Flees, Matthew Garry, James R. Gray.





Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - - «...It begins in India and a heavily pregnant woman, Bela Shankari (Lady India), tries to evade some men but she is found, rendered unconscious, placed in a pit and then stoned. One of the assailants is a monk. Over in Chicago, not long afterwards, cop Tony Salerno (Franco Steeves) is preparing his family for the coming school day – badly, or at least according to daughter Antonella (Giuliana Islas, Night Fangs), insisting that they need something for breakfast. Her sister Carla (Grin) is dealing with body image in the bathroom and her mom, Sheila (Elizabeth Abraham), is on a trip to India to visit family, but is due home that day. A note regarding therapist Sheila; in IMDb credits she is listed as Sheila Salerno but in the film credits she is Sheila Khan and is referred to as Dr Khan by characters.  Tony picks Sheila up from the airport and she has her two nephews, Samir (Armaan Bajpai) and Pran (Aditya Krukeja), with her. As Tony takes a picture of them he accidentally snaps a shot of a guy (Max Da'Silva) who seems to be watching them. Sheila informs Tony that the boys can’t speak English. They are there for two weeks and they stop off at a dinner. As Tony orders, the boys spread millet seed (or baajara as the boys refer to it in Hindi) on the floor and the waitress (Liz Bancroft) slips and falls. The use of seed tweaked my vampire radar. ...». «Algo parece estar al acecho en la oscuridad alrededor de una vieja casa en Chicago. Muy pronto, la muerte visitará a la nueva familia que se acaba de mudar allí. Nadie está a salvo, ya que se enfrentan a un mal imparable que no descansará hasta que haya alcanzado su misión».





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