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Seymour the Unfortunate Vampire

2017, regia di Joe Kane


Scheda: Nazione: USA - Produzione: Heckler-Kane Creations - Distribuzione: Heckler-Kane Creations - Soggetto e Sceneggiatura: Sal Conca, Wayne Heckler, Daniel Kane, Joe Kane - Fotografia: Sal Conca - Montaggio: Joe Kane - Formato: Color, web serie.

Cast: Marshall R. Teague, Tonya Kay, Jacqueline Real, Ethan Marten, Joe Kane, Wayne Heckler, Baron Misuraca, Sal Conca, Clare Lowell, Daniel Kane. James Armstrong.




Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - «In a world occupied by numerous supernatural creatures, good-natured Seymour, is mistakenly turned into a vampire and struggles to adapt and stay one step ahead of the vampire hunters who want him dead. Seymour and his friends, Corrina and Wally, are desperate to avoid the vampire hunters, while securing a constant source of blood that does not involve Seymour attacking humans. However, as Seymour gets hungrier he must learn to control his urges. Strange circumstances abound as he also endeavors to keep the particulars of his new existence from his family. Seymour has to work his way out of many uncomfortable situations in his new altered life while adapting to his new normal. Seymour finds some comfort after his encounter with the Agency of Supernatural Rehabilitation Services. A world wise werewolf, named Chester, is sent to guide him through this transition. Chester is charmingly unrefined and is keen to keep an eye on the unfortunate Seymour as he knows how unaccepting humans can be to those who are different. A new threat arises when Seymour’s condition is inadvertently revealed to a fairy (displaying no characteristics normally associated with being a fairy). Lark Cedarcreek, is tall and usually bears no visible wings. Far from being a gentle, nymph like creature, he bears a greater resemblance to Boris Karlof. It is revealed that while the blood of a fairy can allow a vampire to walk in the light of day, fairies are dangerous to vampires because vampire blood is like a drug to them. The story culminates with Seymour being forced to choose between his own life and that of his friends due to the deception of Lark. The series is threaded with action, sarcasm and situational humor. Seymour is lovable, and naive. His friends are loyal. It is an adventure through the surprises experienced by a newly turned, fairly innocent vampire to find acceptance of himself, friends, family and survival with his new life».






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