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Action on Film International Film Festival, Winner Excellence in Film and Best Soundtrack

Sicilian Vampire

2015, regia di Frank D'Angelo


Scheda: Nazione: Canada - Produzione: In Your Ear Productions - Soggetto: Frank D'Angelo - Sceneggiatura: Frank D'Angelo - Fotografia: Jeremy Major - Montaggio: Robin Gardiner Davids, Jeremy Major, Tim Nanasi - Set Decoration: Derek Lukosius - Musiche: Frank D'Angelo - Effetti speciali: Carlos Henriques - Formato: Color - Durata: 124'.

Cast: James Caan, Daryl Hannah, Paul Sorvino, Robert Loggia, Armand Assante, Robert Davi, Michael Paré, Eric Roberts, Daniel Baldwin, Tony Nardi, Frank D’Angelo, Phil Esposito.






Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - - - - - - «Cuenta la historia de un gángster reputado llamado Sonny que se escapa a su casa de campo para descansar. Una vez allí, Sonny es mordido por un murciélago. A partir de ese momento, Sonny obtiene poderes más allá de cualquier mortal: audición supersónica, vista mejorada, fuerza sobrehumana y la posibilidad de hablar con los muertos». «A mixture between Goodfellas and From Dusk till Dawn, Sicilian Vampire tells the story of reputed mobster "Sonny" Trafficante. He was hoping for a little rest and relaxation at the family's hunting lodge, but what he got was a night he will never forget. After being bitten by a bat that was released from a container of bananas, Sonny is entrusted with powers beyond that of any mortal – supersonic hearing, enhanced sight, and superhuman strength – even the ability to speak to the dead. Because of these heightened senses, Sonny feels a responsibility to right the wrongs in his life, and protect those he loves. At first, he resists these new-found powers, but in the end, he welcomes his fate».

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