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Sun Shadows: Faithful Kiss

2011, regia di Josef Elias


Scheda: Nazione: Svezia - Produzione: Moonday Entertainment - Distribuzione: Moonday Entertainment - Soggetto: Josef Elias - Sceneggiatura: Josef Elias - Fotografia: Lazar Georgis - Effetti speciali: Maggie Galush - Formato: Color - Durata: 103'.

Cast: Christian Thornell, Katja Lundgren, Jakob Liljeblad, Kristofer Mark, Robert Helgeskog, Kevin Kronow, Afram Lahdo, Therese Ãkerlund, Rami Elias, Dante Göransson, Karin Bââthe, Firat Delen, Jimmy Lindqvist, Andreas Silwer, Therese Eklund.


Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: /font> IMDb - - - - - - - «Sun Shadows: Faithful Kiss is a romance/fantasy dramafilm written and directed by Josef Elias. The movie is about Jared Capel who goes to stay with his cousin Sam. He encounters a mysterious girl sneaking around the town. Upon getting to know the girl, Caroline, he realises she is a vampire. Jared also finds out he is supposed to join the guild of the acalites, a breed of vampire hunters. But Jared falls in love with Caroline, and the two are now hunted by both vampires and acalites. Due to finacing problems and a troubled production the film was not given the wider DVD release the producers had planned for. A rough cut was made avalible online and supposedly the film is being re-edited. Josef Elias hasd planned a triology. Part 2 will be called "Sun Shadows - Undying Threats" and part 3 "The End of Sun Shadows". The rumored plotline is that an ancinet nordic clan of vampires called the Seele(german for soul) and their Loke would strike against the acalites. Loke and the rest of Seele where a more powerfull kind of vampires than the other ones and would have taken the war to the acalites wanting reveange for driving them close the extiction in the past».






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