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son of darkness: to die for 2

1991, regia di David Price


Scheda: Nazione: USA - Produzione: Arrowhead Entertainment - Distribuzione: Trimark Pictures, Vidmark Entertainment - Soggetto: Leslie King - Sceneggiatura: Leslie King - Fotografia: Gerry Lively - Montaggio: Barry Zetlin - Scenografia: Robert Stover - Costumi: Jaqueline De La Fontaine - Musiche: Mark McKenzie - Effetti speciali: John Carl Buechler  - Formato: Color - Durata: 95'.

Cast: Rosalind Allen, Steve Bond, Scott Jacoby, Michael Praed, Jay Underwood, Amanda Wyss, Remy O'Neill, Michael Eric Kramer, Jann Carl, Elizabeth Woods, Jim Price, George Fisher.



Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - - - - «The calm community of Lake Serenity is anything but serene these days. A recent rash of bizarre killings has shaken the town. In Los Angeles, Martin Planting (Scott Jacoby) hears about the killings on the news and knows that he must stop them. He knows the truth - the victims have not been killed by wild animals, but rather by a group of Vampires, whose leader is Max Schreck (Michael Praed), also known throughout history as Count Dracula. Nina (Rosalind Allen), a young mother living in Lake Serenity, is more concerned with the health of her adopted son. Tyler (Devin Corrie Sims), who shrieks at daylight and hungers for something more than infant formula. Although test results reveal nothing unusual, Nina senses that something is desperately wrong. Frantic with worry, she takes Tyler to the hospital emergency room one night and meets Dr. Schreck, a handsome, sensual man who miraculously cures Tyler by increasing his red blood cell count. Relieved, Nina is also strangely attracted to Max, who nearly seduces her. Yearning to turn his back on centuries of killing, Max is trying to force his brother, Tom (Steve Bond), to also give up killing. Max has discovered that vampires can exist on the blood supply found in the hospital and by doing so they can create a more "normal" life for themselves. But Tom wants to get rid of Max and take his place as the head of the vampires».


Film tv.

Vampiri (To Die For, 1988)



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