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The Many Faces Of Dracula

1993, regia di Colin Webb


Scheda: Nazione: GB - Produzione: Luminous Film & Video Works, Passport International Productions - Distribuzione: Empire Entertainmen, British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Works Editora - Soggetto: Alan Kellerman - Sceneggiatura: Alan Kellerman - Fotografia: Terry Doe - Montaggio: Steve Norris - Art Director: Cln - Set Decoration: Carl Surman - Costumi: Clon - Musiche: Cl - Effetti speciali: Rn - Formato: B.N., documentario - Durata: 40' (60').

Cast: Christopher Lee.


Plot Summary, Synopsis, Review: IMDb - - - «For decades, Bram Stoker's immortal creation... Count Dracula... has mesmerized millions throughout the world with his evil charm and dashing villainy. Now, for the first time, here is the complete story of the world's most infamous vampire, from his very first big screen appearance in the 1920's, through early Hollywood sound pictures, and all the way up to the Francis Ford Coppola 1992 masterpiece. You'll see all of moviedom's most famous "Draculas" at their best. You'll meet the original Dracula, played as a figure of revulsion by Max Schreck... the mannered yet murderous Dracula, Bela Lugosi... the debonair Dracula, John Carradine... the powerful Dracula and Christopher Lee... the romantic Dracula. You'll even meet the black Dracula... Blacula played by William Marshall. It's a complete look at the role that generations of actors have enjoyed sinking their teeth into. Plus, you'll see rare, never-before-released, behind-the-scenes clips of the making of the "Dracula" films... still photographs, long-lost film scenes... and classic coming attraction trailers. You'll see the stars of "Dracula" as you've never seen them before, cutting up and clowning in and out of their Vampire persona».


Conosciuto anche con il titolo: Christopher Lees många ansikten.




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